Our intelligent resource planning always ensures that we scale up or down team delivering empathetic engagement and rapid resolutions, 24/7, across every channel, with no hefty minimums or overhead dragging your profits down. Sounds too good to be true?

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For Retail & eCommerce

Rapid Pre Sales and Frictionless post sales support

for all your customers 24/7

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For SaaS & Tech

Allow us to manage your CX while you and your

team handle the UI/UX

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About ClickServe

ClickServe was born of a desire to improve how customer service is delivered to make it smarter, faster and fairer for all parties. Focussed on a specific industries and clients we have been able to deliver high quality solutions tailored to those specific sectors and deliver end to end customer support solutions for our clients, thereby allowing them to focus their and their teams energies on achieving their business goals.

Whether building the platform, marketing our service or supporting our partner’s customers, caring for others and helping solve their problems is what makes this place tick.

Why us?

51% of customers will never again do business with a company that neglects them just one time. That’s a pretty high bar to get over. But if they’re shopping and you’re not available to answer questions, then your potential fans become someone else’s customers. Talk about CX being a cost center. Limiting hours or channels is no way to go through life.

The Customer, like the digital economy, is always on and wants what they want, when they want it in the manner of their choosing. The traditional CX model would force you to leave them hanging, but with CLICKSERVE you’ll be able to give rapid responses and exceptional service across all your digital, voice and social channels.

24/7/365 is just the start. Did you know that the peak shopping hours of the Customer are between 5PM to 12AM? Precisely when most companies throttle the availability of their service agents. A bad experience is bad business. Luckily, we have you covered without the constant resource planning typical today. We ensure adequate staff to answer all queries are answered in time without burdening your balance sheet.

The traditional CX model: fixed staffing, inflexible scheduling, costly training and constant turnover, forces you to make costly compromises that lead to deflection and neglect of the Customer. So click serve shifted ye olde paradigm. Now you can exceed expectations while keeping costs in check.

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